Asbestos Surveying

With our extensive experience, we set the bar for conducting asbestos management, refurbishment & demolition surveys.

Asbestos Management Plans

When developing an asbestos management plan for your site, OccSafe Australia will work with you to deliver solutions tailored to your needs, ensuring your workplace is safe, and your business is compliant with asbestos legislation.

Asbestos Removal Assessment

OccSafe Australia licensed assessors can conduct air quality testing and clearance inspections following asbestos removal. We can also provide impartial and independent advice and consulting services in all asbestos removal related matters.

Asbestos in Soils

OccSafe Australia can investigate sites that may be contaminated by asbestos including testing and advice on containment and the removal of contaminated soils.

Air Quality Monitoring

If you are concerned about the air quality at your home or business premises, OccSafe Australia can conduct air monitoring to investigate for the presence of airborne asbestos fibres.