Asbestos in Soils

Soil Contamination Testing

Awareness of the risks posed by asbestos contaminated land and soils is growing. OccSafe Australia can offer a range of services.

Conducted in accordance with all relevant health and safety asbestos and contaminated land legislation, we apply an internationally recognised tiered approach to asbestos in soil investigations, ranging from visual assessments and surface grab sampling, to preliminary and detailed site investigations, consultancy services evaluating remediation approaches and clearances following removal activities.

What we offer:

  • preliminary site investigations (PSI);
  • surface Soil Sampling;
  • test Pit Excavation;
  • detailed site investigations (DSI);
  • remediation consulting;
  • clearances, and;
  • site management plans.

Contact us to find out how our asbestos and environmental science team can assist in addressing asbestos contamination issues at your site.