Asbestos Management Plans

OccSafe Australia will produce a tailored Asbestos Management Plan specifically tailored to your needs to ensure you, your staff and tenants are protected in accordance with the relevant state legislation and guidelines.

Our consultants will help you implement policies that will allow you to manage the asbestos within your premises compliantly, proportionately while meeting your strategic long-term goals.

What is involved in an asbestos management plan?

The Asbestos Management Plan identifies the risks posed by the asbestos present in your property or job site and sets out procedures to control them. This is a regulatory requirement that contains key asbestos information, usually from an asbestos survey, and involves the following:

  • action plan and monitoring and re-inspection regimes;
  • dissemination of information to appropriate parties;
  • duties of the asbestos coordinator;
  • policies and procedures for emergencies, refurbishments, day-to-day operations and other less usual work or tasks;
  • risk assessments;
  • roles and responsibilities of key personnel, and;
  • training requirements for staff.